Calcutta nights have been around for many years and a terrific fun way to entertain your audience as well as make some money for your organisation (optional).

Typically based on a major sporting event with a multi-participant field, such as The Melbourne Cup, the Caulfield Cup or the AFL’s Brownlow Medal Count.A pool of funds is generated by a raffle and auction, and this pool is split up amongst successful bidders according to who “owns” the placegetters in the actual event.

Is it legal?

Yes. TriviaOz will assist you in obtaining the necessary government permit to conduct the event. There is a modest cost for the licence of about $40 and it takes a week or two to be processed.

How much does a TriviaOz Calcutta Auction cost?

The base price is $750. Depending on location, size of audience, degree of customisation required and inclusion of other activities, this can vary. Contact TriviaOz for a detailed discussion of your exact requirements and we’ll be happy to prepare a detailed proposal and quotation for you.

How it works?

1) The Draw.

A “raffle” is conducted whereby “punters” purchase tickets. When all tickets have been sold, the draw is conducted to establish interim owners of each runner in the field.

2) The Auction

The host then auctions off each runner in the field. If an interim owner from phase one is the successful bidder in this auction phase they need only pay half of the winning bid. If the interim owner is not the successful bidder, they will collect half of the winning bid as their reward for being lucky in phase one.

3) Settling Time

Successful bidders pay for their purchases and successful interim owners collect their half of the auction price.

4) The event is conducted.

Typically, a Calcutta is held the night before the event but can easily be run just before the event on the day/night. Payouts are then made to the successful final owners according to the way the pool has been divided. The usual split for a Melbourne Cup would be 60%, 20%, 15% and 5% for 1st, 2nd 3rd and Last respectively.

A Calcutta can be run as a straight social event or we can also incorporate fundraising with such proven winners as the Four Corners Game, Nearest The Pin, and True or False.

We can also arrange for Allsports Memorabilia. At no cost to you, and for no extra effort, Allsports will set up a professional silent auction display of authentic sports and celebrity memorabilia. You retain 10% of the reserve price plus everything above that reserve.

Typical financial returns from a TriviaOz! event are in the vicinity of anywhere between $10 and $50 per head and more, depending upon audience size and attitude, quality/quantity of prizes and how much emphasis you would like us to place on the fundraising. Corporate functions rarely have fundraising, while social clubs often only wish to cover costs, and schools, sports clubs and charities see our events as major fundraising opportunities. We recently cleared over $5,000 from 130 players at an outer suburban pre-school, and last year helped a major charity raised more than $60,000 from 240 players at a gala ballroom-style event.

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