Race Night

Racenight is the ideal alternative to a trivia night. It’s a virtual race meeting for fun and maybe fundraising.

Hosted by experienced host and entertainer, Leon Fent, in his character as “C.Rook, de-registered bookmaker” TriviaOZ’s Racenight features:

Full multimedia using the latest technology, including twin-speaker UHF PA, laptop, video projector and screen

Tried and proven format, able to be customised to client’s requirements taking time available, content, venue, audience size and age into account

No knowledge of horseracing or betting required, as bookmaker provides all information and “late mail” required

No financial outlay by “punters” as they are each issued with betting play money and form guides

Up to four video races with novelty events in between. E.g. True or False, Fashions on The Field – Ladies and Gents, Human Horse Race

Participants and winners in novelty events win extra betting money, and prizes supplied by client

Lucky winners bid at auction at the end of the event on prizes supplied by client

Can include fundraising if required – from mild cost recovery to full-on profit making

Available 24-7, Victoria-wide

Perfectly legal, no permit or licence required

How it works?

RACENIGHT events involve the host setting himself up as a “shonky” bookmaker. Your punters use supplied funny money to bet with him at betting board odds on the results of several video horse races projected onto large screen video. The luckiest punter/s at the end of the night win/s prizes for themselves or their syndicates.

Run similarly to a real race meeting, there are typically four video horse races to bet on. The nights usually go for 3-4 hours depending upon your timetable and outcomes. We can shorten or lengthen the format to suit you. In between each race we run a fun activity such as  Fashions on The Field,  and The Human Race, and even Horsey Horsey Bingo. We can also incorporate fundraising into your event with such proven winners as the Raffles, Silent and Live Austions, The Four Corners Game, Nearest The Pin, and True or False.

We can also arrange for Allsports Memorabilia at no cost to you, and for no extra effort, Allsports will set up a professional silent auction display or authentic sports and celebrity memorabilia. You get 10% of the reserve price plus everything above the reserve.

Your all-inclusive cost for a RACENIGHT is $750 for up to 200 punters at a venue in metro Melbourne. We are happy to provide a quote for more punters and/or if you are outside Melbourne.

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